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There is no such a thing as nothing to photograph

by | Oren's Art, The Art of Photography | 4 comments

I gave a workshop in Beer Sheba yesterday. On a train, the trip back to Tel Aviv takes a little over an hour. I looked through the window at the changing scenic, mostly dry and yellow, typical to the end of an Israeli spring. My camera was in my bag. “What a waste”, I then thought to myself. “There is no such a thing as nothing to photograph!” The only reason not to take photographs is being lazy. There is ALWAYS an interesting photograph, everywhere, anytime. It is waiting. THEY are waiting. All I need to make good photographs is to look and imagine. So I picked up my camera.

Here are some of the photos I had made, sitting in the train, looking out.


I preferred doing almost no editing to these photographs. On Lightroom, I keep avoiding all default changes to the original RAW file, including the default sharpening (clarity). With the exception of a chosen color profile, which is a must, I only add copyright information to the metadata as a default. This allows me full control of each photograph from scratch, and most adjustments are executed better in Photoshop anyway. Here, I kept everything soft, almost exactly as the photographs came out of the camera. Softness came out of the glare and dust on the window, and the slow shutter speed. The only post processing I made was adding slight contrast added to some photographs, and some selective sharpening to others (such as the horses photograph).


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