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By Oren Hasson

This blog features three topics: (i) My work, which drifts back and forth between photography and photography-based art. (ii) Discussions on photography and art and about the confusing boundaries between photography and photography-based digital art. (iii) Tips and tutorials of some interesting, new or less familiar techniques and approaches to photography and post processing.

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High Noon Photography

High Noon Photography
I gave a short workshop at Tel Aviv beach, entitled: High Noon Photography. The little time I had during the workshop and on my walk back was enough for me to make a few shots. Here are five of them. It then struck me then that all share a common thread: Loneliness, Vulnerability and Persistence.
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Photography is the Art of Slicing Time

Fish in a Pond
Two days ago I took a few photographs at a fish pond next to Petach Tikva Museum of Art. There were a number of Tilapia fish swimming at the pond. Neither a slow shutter speed nor the series of quick interrupted shots used here are similar to the way we see movement. Yet, we can look at certain still images and make a pretty good guess of what reality was in those 2 to 4 seconds, while filling the gaps in our mind.
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Impressionism Photography

Impressionism Photography - Dark Brown Iris
Iris photography in nature is a challenge. Here’s a photograph of the rare endemic Dark Brown Iris, standing in the wind. I developed a new expressionism technique to show both the wind movement and the grass exquisite frozen details. Don't miss it! As always, I also ask: Is it art? Is it a photograph? Those are questions that should always be asked, but not always be fully answered.
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How was it Done? Three Exposures Moon Eclipse

Moon Eclipse 3 exposures photography
On March 24th, 1997, in Ann Arbor Michigan, I created this three exposures photograph of a moon eclipse on a color slide. This post tells the story. It begins with a miracle in a freezing cold night, continues by explaining crucial technical decisions that made it happen, and ends with the final decision to show it in black and white.
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Photoshop Tips: Embed Color Profile

Lortet's iris Embed Color Profile
When I embed a color profile in a jpg image, I give you the option to see it just as I had created it. If you don't, I will never see your image as you had envisioned it. This post explains why embedding color profiles is important, how can you even get to see color profiles, and how can you test if your browser actually reads them (i.e., is color managed).
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Intimate Albino Nazareth Iris
My first photo ever of an iris was of a naked mutated Gilboa Iris. In retrospect I can say: a butterfly had flapped its wings. It took me to an emotional photographic journey I had never expected. My gallery 'Iris to Iris' exhibits some of its fruits. This post tells the story.
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