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A Sentinel at Autumn Sunsets in Tel Baruch

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Sunsets at the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Baruch, the northern beach of Tel Aviv.


Sailboats in a Three Layers Sunset

Looking north, a heavy cloud cast makes a dark blue sea and a beautiful three layers scene.


A Sailboat Under a Cloud

I was on top of the cliff with a tripod, facing the wind. Looking west at sunset makes harsh waves’ shadows and soft clouds.


Two Sailboats after Sunset

To soften the sea surface, I used an on camera two exposures shot.


A Father and Son Bonding

Below, at the beach, there were a father and a son fishing. I made this shot some time after sunset, using a 2 sec exposure. I watched them for a while from above, feeling for the boy who was close to his dad most of the time, yet farther away at other times. I cared for him. Almost like being a spy at his mom’s service.

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