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I was asked to shoot two prominent Israeli actors, Rami Baruch and Eli Gornstein, as they were preparing themselves for a new show, the musical La Cage aux Folles. Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks of preparations and rehearsals, the whole project was shut down, and the musical will not go on stage.

As I was summoned to this assignment at the last moment, I was not aware of Rami Baruch’s known poor eyesight ahead of time. It cannot be seen in life or in photographs. Yet, while I felt Eli Gornstein was more vulnerable with his eyes closed, I felt the opposite is true for Rami Baruch. When he closed his eyes, I felt his character becomes more powerful. I therefore asked Rami to open and close his eyes a few times while I was photographing them in a rapid sequence.

During postprocessing, I’ve decided to follow my instinct, and merged five sequential images. By blending Rami’s open and closed eyes in a black and white photograph, I’ve created an appearance of an ancient Greek statue with eyes wide open, except that his eye was not showing a white blank marble, but a sparkling live tissue.

 As I did not know of Rami Baruch’s eyes condition during the photographic session itself, I was then left wondering: Had I sensed it somehow nevertheless, which led me later to produce this powerful image?

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